Manoj Virmani
Ajay Grover
Mayank Mehtha

MANOJ VIRMANI, AJAY GROVER & MAYANK MEHTA are a hands-on Service driven team from the Hospitality and Travel trade. Each has over four decades of experience with management and operations which includes luxury hotels, resorts, casinos, golf courses, institutional catering, international Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), international sports events, flight catering, aviation and clubs.

Our association has been with reputed companies like ITC Hotels, Taj Hotels, Jet airways. Air Sahara, Paramount Airways, Taj Sats Flight Catering, Mint Casinos, Commonwealth Games, Pie Face Australia, Patio Clubs.

MGM has the network of mystery shoppers to handle multi-location surveys across India. Our mystery shoppers are detail oriented, thoroughly observant and committed to deadlines. They are brutally honest; their evaluations are done without fear or favor and keep all information regarding the assignments confidential.

  • Former VP’, General Managers, Managers of Luxury 5 star Hospitality and Aviation
  • Hoteliers with 10+ years of experience in Business Excellence
  • Food and Beverage experts from Hospitality / Aviation/ Restaurants/ QSR’s
  • Airline Catering Experts
  • Frequent Business Travellers
  • Airlines Captains / Co Pilots / Customer services heads / In-flight service Heads
  • Casino systems, services, and surveillance experts
  • HACCP experts
  • Cost control experts
  • Corporate Trainers and many more

Also our database is constantly updated and filtered because we believe in keeping only the best.


Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, QSRs, Clubs, Casinos

Aviation , Airports

Representative Offices for Tourism Board or Hospitality Chains

Hospitality & logistics providers for MEA or Embassies or large Sporting events

MICE operators

HACCP and ISO22000 certification bodies.


MGM offers accessible, experienced hospitality and aviation professionals dedicated to providing you with a program that articulates your vision. We assist in measuring what is important to you from the Customers point of view and brand protection . Every moment of truth is captured helping you take specific corrective actions that are needed to attain greater satisfaction, loyalty and spend and also in improving operational excellence hence preserving your Brand values .

We review our auditing parameters every 3 to 6 months so that it becomes more relevant

  • Demographically cherry picked independent experienced valuators who are rarely repeated at your locations
  • Customized measurements that fit your brand perfectly
  • Speedy turnaround time
  • Easy to use industry benchmarking to help you set yourself apart from your competition
  • Simple yet powerful action plans for accountability and results
  • Our checklists are simple and hence easily actionable . every touch point is measured and can be used for diagnostic root cause analysis.
  • We encourage you to relook at your mystery Auditing parameters every 3 to 6 months so that it becomes more relevant and thus actionable


Total Management of 2/3/4 Star Hotels

Customer Service Audits

Back of the House Audits

HACCP Compliance Audits

Maintenance Check Audits

MICE Sales Flow Checks

Brand Assurance/Compliance Evaluations

Guest Service / Experience Evaluations

Competitive Benchmarking

Evaluate External and Internal Ambience

Evaluate Staff knowledge about Products and the Brand

Evaluate Security Processes

Evaluate Telephonic Interaction Skills

Facility Planning

Profitability Enhancing Methods


  • If you seriously want to participate and make a difference and see upgraded services and products and consider yourself an expert with an eye for details backed by industry knowledge when it comes to accommodations, food or travel , then you may be interested in the Hospitality and Aviation mystery auditing industry.
  • Many Hospitality mystery Auditors are not even required to travel out of state, but may evaluate local accommodations and services. This allows for flexible hours, along with extra income. The majority of Hospitality and Aviation mystery Auditing professionals work part-time and still have many hours left in the day for other activities, such as a full time job, children, family or school.
  • If you are interested in seeking work as a part time mystery auditor with us please fill in the attached form for us to review.
  • If you meet the above criteria and if you are selected by our panel, you shall be then aligned with our values and processes to become a successful and effective evaluator. We shall then onwards periodically inform you of the audits available in your area. Only once you hear from us, and are specifically assigned to handle an assignment should you undertake the project.

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MGM has the infrastructure and network of mystery shoppers to handle multi-location surveys across India. Some of them are working with us on Full time basis and some of them are Part time mystery auditors.

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